ECA Executive Committee (EEC) and Housemaster

The officers of ECA Executive Committee (EEC) act to represent the interests of the Eastgate Community Association (ECA) in accordance with the Bylaws of the ECA Constitution. They plan events and activities for Eastgate residents and actively participate in MIT student-body meetings to represent the interests of Eastgate residents. They act to keep Eastgate residents informed about relevant issues that may affect their life at Eastgate. The current officers of the ECA Executive Committee and their responsibilities are outlined below:

Graduate Coordinators

Katharina Ribbeck
Eastgate Head of House
ribbeck [at] mit (dot) edu

As Head of house, Katharina works with the Eastgate Executive Committee, Residents, House Manager, and the Division of Student Life to create a residential community for the students to grow academically, socially, and as individuals. She fosters close contact with the students and promotes interactions between students and faculty. All residents are welcome to contact Katharina via email, phone, or at home!


Will and Grace Kimball
eastgate hyphen president [at] mit (dot) edu

The Presidents help to oversee the ECA, plan meetings, collect agenda items from members and set the agenda items at least one week prior to meetings. They also serve as a liaison and representatives to the Graduate Student Council (GSC) and Housing and Community Affairs Committee of the GSC. They collaborate with each member of the ECA Executive Committee.


Sarah Jane and Chris Mear
eastgate hyphen treasurer [at] mit (dot) edu

The Treasurers work with the Residential Life Associate in the organization and allocation of an annual programming budget. They assist the ECA Executive Committee in securing funding for various Eastgate events and keep an accurate account of the financial aspects of all events and activities that are sponsored by the ECA. The treasurers also manage the lounge reservations.

Couples Events Coordinators

Alexa Pollack and Ari Bronsoler
Couples Events Coordinators
eastgate hyphen cec [at] mit (dot) edu

The Couples Events Coordinators serve as a resource for residents without children. They plan outings and activities for Eastgate residents and advocate for the needs of couples within MIT. They act as a liaison for event-planning efforts between graduate dormitories.

Parents Coordinators

Natalie Berfeld and Luke Martin
Parents Coordinators
eastgate hyphen pc [at] mit (dot) edu

The Parents Coordinators serve as a resource for residents with children. They coordinate meetings and programs for Eastgate families with children. They also serve as a liaison between Eastgate and the Center for Work, Family, and Personal Life.

Spouses and Partners & International Residents Coordinators

Michael Chang and Yin Jin Lee
Spouses and Partners & International Residents Coordinators
eastgate hyphen spirc [at] mit (dot) edu

The Spouses and Partners & International Residents Coordinators address the needs of spouses and partners living at Eastgate, as well as providing international residents with opportunities to overcome some of the many challenges faced when living abroad. They plan activities held (in part) during the daytime hours to encourage residents who are home during the day to meet one another, and serve as a liason between the Eastgate community and the Spouses&Partners@MIT network.

Social Chairs

Grace Goon and Sam Elder
Social Chairs
eastgate hyphen social [at] mit (dot) edu

The Social Chairs oversee the large events organized at Eastgate. They work with the Treasurer and event-planning officers to obtain external funding for ECA-sponsored events. They also manage Eastgate's Resident-Run Events Program and act as Athletics Chairs for Eastgate to encouarge resident participation in Intramural sports.

Publicity & Recycling Officers

Shaw Zhang and Cathy Cao
Publicity Officers
eastgate hyphen publicity [at] mit (dot) edu

The Publicity Officers manage the advertisement of both ECA and campus-wide events within Eastgate.

Information Officers

Connor Coley and Caroline Werlang
Information Officers
eastgate hyphen io [at] mit (dot) edu

The Information Officers are responsible for the maintenance and development of the Eastgate website. They record minutes at the ECA meetings, and work with all members of the ECA Executive Committee to maintain records and obtain feedback on ECA-sponsored events.

Sustainability Subcommittee Chairs

Emma Gibson and Alastair Grant-Stuart
Sustainability Officers
eastgate hyphen sustainability [at] mit (dot) edu

The Sustainability Officers promote initiatives to make Eastgate more environmentally friendly, and oversee recycling and compost collection as well as the community garden.

Officer for Development and Wellbeing

Manxi and Chao Wu
Officer for Development and Wellbeing
eastgate hyphen devo [at] mit (dot) edu

The Officers for Development and Wellbeing oversee projects of maintenance with the House Manager to ensure that the Eastgate facilities are maintained. They manage the playroom and the stewardship of other shared spaces in Eastgate.

House Manager

House Manager

Carla Bengtson
carlab [at] mit (dot) edu

The Eastgate House Manager, can be reached at 3-7463 from any campus phone. Her office is located on the ground floor opposite the elevators and she is generally on-site 8am-4pm most weekdays.

Maintenance Mechanic

Maintenance Mechanic

Joe Vella

The Eastgate Maintenance Mechanic performs repairs and maintenance within Eastgate. If wish to report a problem, please complete an online repair request.


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